February 06, 2024

Our First Kickstarter Campaign

Our First Kickstarter Campaign

Our next edition will be revealed and open for pre-orders at the same time on Tuesday February 13th at 10am ET. It will be available from both our website (for rights-holders only) and through our first Kickstarter campaign.

Why Kickstarter?

I understand that making copies available on both our website and on Kickstarter does make things a bit complicated. We are doing it this way because it allows our books to reach an even wider audience, and as a fairly new press, it’s crucial that we expand our reader base as much as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please always feel free to email me at tony@conversationtreepress.com.


Here’s a breakdown of what will be available and where:

  • Standard: all copies available via Kickstarter only.
  • Deluxe copies #1-150: available through a private pre-order link on the CTP website sent directly to rights-holders. An email was sent in early January to all Deluxe rights-holders confirming that their pre-order of the Deluxe Flowers for Algernon came with rights.
  • Deluxe copies #151 and above: available via Kickstarter.
  • Lettered: all 26 copies available through a private pre-order link on the CTP website sent directly to rights-holders. If you pre-ordered any Lettered copy of Flowers for Algernon, you have rights to a Lettered copy of this upcoming book.

So when pre-orders open, if you’re interested in a Standard copy or you’d like a copy of a Deluxe but don’t have rights from Flowers for Algernon, Kickstarter will be your platform for acquiring it.

Production Details 

We’ll have pictures of the completed prototypes for all three states available at that time. This edition features:

  • 50+ letterpress-printed illustrations (all artwork included in every state)
  • Oversized trim size of 9.5in x 13.4in for all three states
  • Thick, luxurious paper
  • Letterpress-printed decorative paper and European cloth for the Standard
  • Solid oak boards and premium goatskin leather for the Deluxe

All details of the edition, including the Lettered state, along with Kickstarter reward tiers and bundles will be revealed when copies become available next week.


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