Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Options

Do you accept payments via Paypal?

Yes, we do accept Paypal.

What other payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made using Visa, Mastercard, Shop Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.  

Rights System

What are ‘rights’?

Having ‘rights’ means that you will have the first right of refusal to purchase the next title published by CTP during a pre-order window that is only available to rights-holders. Rights-holders who purchase the next published book will automatically have their number or letter matched with the previous book.

For example: if you own the Deluxe #110 of Peter Pan and you order the Deluxe state of the next book published during your pre-order window, you will automatically be assigned #110 of the next book.

Will all books have rights, or will some always be available to the public?

No, not all books will have rights - some books will always be available to the public.

Which books will have rights?

- All 26 Lettered books will always have rights.
- Deluxe books numberered 1 through 150 will always have rights attached to them.

Which books will not have rights?

- Deluxe books numbered 151 through 200 will never have rights associated with them and will always be available to the public.
- Standard books do not have any rights. 

What if you begin publishing a trilogy but the books are not all published one after the other? How would rights work there?

Rights always go from the last published book to the next published book, regardless of genre or copyright status, unless a book is part of a clearly established series that is not published sequentially. 

In that case, for example, collectors with rights copies of Part 1 of a trilogy will have rights to both Part 2 of the trilogy whenever it is published, and rights to the next book published after Part 1.

How do I acquire rights?

Since Peter Pan is the first book we’re publishing, rights are available to everyone - no one has pre-existing rights. 

For Lettered books: as all Lettered books have rights, you acquire rights by purchasing a copy on a first come, first serve basis when pre-orders open. Please note some Lettered books have already been reserved by friends of the Press, so there will be fewer than 26 Lettered books available when pre-orders open. 

For Deluxe books: Numbers 1 through 150 of the Deluxe state come with rights. Rights for the Deluxe state are being offered on a first come, first serve basis, based on the time the order was placed, when reservations open. The first 150 orders placed will be assigned numbers 1 through 150 and will be notified directly that they have acquired a copy with rights. If you don’t receive an email reflecting this, it means your number is from #151 to #200.

How do I keep my rights?

If you are a rights-holder, you retain your rights by purchasing the next available CTP book in the state that you own (any Letter or Deluxe from #1-150), during the exclusive pre-order period. If you do not purchase the next CTP book during the exclusive pre-order period, the rights for that number or letter will become available to someone else.

Are rights transferable?

So as not to create monetary value for rights, rights (available for all Lettered books and Deluxe books numbered #1-150 only) are not transferable.  Pre-order emails to rights-holders for the next CTP book will always go to the rights-holders who purchased the previous book directly from CTP, even if they no longer own the previous book. 

How will rights to a Lettered book or Deluxe book numbered #1-150 become available after Peter Pan?

If a rights-holder decides not to purchase the next book during the exclusive pre-order period available to rights-holders, that Letter or number will become available.

If a Letter becomes available because the rights-holder did not purchase the next Lettered book during the exclusive pre-order period, a lottery will be held for anyone who is interested in acquiring the book. The winner of the lottery will then be allowed to purchase the book.

Instalment Plans

Can I pay for a book using instalments?

Yes, we offer instalment plans through a third party -

What is and how does it work? is a third party that allows you to create an account and purchase our books using an instalment plan with no interest.

There is a 5% processing fee that is charged by and paid directly to them.

The payments are split into four equal parts, with the first paid immediately and the others over three months.

Books are not shipped until all payments are made. may not calculate the shipping cost accurately; in that case, shipping will be invoiced directly to the buyer.

What happens if I don’t make all the payments on an instalment plan?

If a payment does not go through, will try twice more to process the card stored in your account.

If this fails, the plan will be considered defaulted, the order cancelled and the books put back into stock on the website. Conversation Tree Press will issue a refund less the 5% fee and less a 10% default fee.

If a customer defaults on a payment plan, they will not be allowed to use payment plans in the future. If a new order is placed by the same customer using a payment plan, the order will be cancelled less the 5% fee and less a 10% fee. 


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