July 02, 2024

July Gyaff - Updates from the Press

July Gyaff - Updates from the Press

Flowers for Algernon


The Standard state of Flowers for Algernon is complete, along with a little upgrade that sees the label go from black text on white paper to gold-blocked text on green paper. 

Copies bound for Europe started shipping from Ludlow Bookbinders last Friday, with some collectors already receiving theirs. As this was happening, the other copies were being packed on a pallet which will be sent off shortly. Collectors outside of Europe should expect shipping to start mid-July, the moment the pallet arrives.


For the Deluxe state, all slipcases are finished, and the text blocks are fully prepared. Half of the cases are complete, but the three-hit foil stamping is taking longer than expected. As a result, these copies are now anticipated to be completed within the next two weeks. European orders will be dispatched immediately from Ludlow Bookbinders upon completion, and a second pallet sent to me here in Canada. Collectors outside of Europe should expect shipping to start towards the end of July.


Work is progressing on these as well with shipping expected by the end of the month.

Thank you again for your continued patience.


The Roman Numeral state of Faun is complete and will be packed and dispatched directly from Ludlow Bookbinders by the end of the week.

Summer Plans

The family and I are taking next week off so no books will be shipped then and emails responses will be delayed.

Later in July and in August, I’ll have the pleasure of meeting some of the publishers and craftspeople whose talent and creativity are a continual source of inspiration for me:

And then, of course, Foundation pre-orders at the end of August.


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