May 31, 2024

May Gyaff - Updates from the Press

May Gyaff - Updates from the Press

Faun - Joe Hill

The Roman Numeral edition of Faun is scheduled to ship before the end of next month. Svetlana has completed the hand lettering for each copy, and the binding is in progress at Ludlow Bookbinders.

Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes

Shipping for the Standard and Deluxe states of Daniel Keyes’s Flowers for Algernon is on track for next month.

The pottery for the Lettered edition was made to our specifications here in Kitchener by Mengchao Wu and then sent off to Iku Nishikawa.

The kintsugi process is a delicate art involving several steps. It begins with the application of five layers of urushi lacquer. After the fifth layer, 24k gold leaf powder is carefully brushed on. The piece is then set aside for a week to allow the gold to set. After this period, the gold is carefully burnished, retouched, and finally sealed.

This work is ongoing and the Lettered Edition will ship in July.

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson

An exciting update for everyone who pre-ordered a copy of the Standard Edition: Ludlow Bookbinders will now be hand binding those copies, in addition to the Deluxe and Lettered.

The signature pages from Marc Castelli are safely housed at Ludlow Bookbinders, and the wooden boards for the Deluxe will be there soon as well. The construction of the Lettered chest is also complete, with Captain Bones’s initial soon to be branded on the top.

Ellen at Nomad Letterpress carefully inspects a sheet that just rolled off the press at Nomad Letterpress.

The printing has been in progress at Nomad Letterpress for several weeks and it’s coming along splendidly. A complicated printing project with many illustrations, it’s taking a bit longer than expected, with everything estimated to be wrapped up by the first week of July. This still gives us a chance to have copies shipped by the end of October, as originally planned.

The House on the Borderland & Others - William Hope Hodgson

Thank you to everyone for their support as The House on the Borderland & Others became our second edition to be fully reserved before publication. Phil and the rest of the team are hard at work on this.

Vladimir Zimakov is continuing work on the illustrations for the two Arthur Machen volumes, and artwork has just started on another volume.

Foundation Trilogy - Isaac Asimov

Greg Manchess has completed all five double page spreads along with all eight pen-and-ink portrait illustrations for Foundation. Brandon Sanderson also submitted his foreword as well so the internal layout is complete and proof-reading underway.

We’ve been working on the design for the trilogy for over a year, with careful consideration given to two key objectives:

  • Ensuring that each state in the trilogy is conceptually cohesive and feels very much like a matching set of books when eventually placed side by side.
  • Ensuring that books two and three in each state offer something new while maintaining their connection to the overarching concept.

I’m looking forward to sharing more as August approaches.

October/November Book

The fourth and final book of 2024 is a translated work that is not in the public domain. The artwork and interior layout is well underway.

Looking Ahead

The schedule for the next two years is already mapped out with all titles at various stages of production. Some of them we have announced already or are expected, like Kindred, Weird., and Foundation), and others we’ll announce as we get closer. I’m incredibly excited for what the future holds and thankful for the support that has allowed everyone who works on Conversation Tree Press books the opportunity to do what we love. 


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