December 02, 2023

Peter Pan Update

Peter Pan Update


The folding, gathering and sewing of the book blocks for all three states of Peter Pan was completed last week and casing-in has started. Unfortunately, this means the books will not ship in time for Christmas, but in January instead. 

I know many collectors were looking forward to receiving their copies in time for the holidays, as promised, and I sincerely apologize for the further delay.

To show our appreciation for continued patience and support, there are two updates:

  • All pre-orders will now include the letterpress-printed broadside, which was initially only offered to collectors who placed an order before April 2023.
  • The Deluxe and Lettered states are being upgraded with the addition of Hahnmenuhle Bugra paper for the full colour artwork tip-ins.

Details are below.

Letterpress Broadside

Peter Pan letterpress broadside by Conversation Tree Press

A free broadside was initially offered to all Peter Pan collectors who placed their pre-order before April 26th 2023. The broadside is now complete, and every collector who ordered a copy of Peter Pan will now receive one when shipping begins in January.

Letterpress-printed on luxurious handmade 300gsm paper made from 100% cotton rags with deckled edges on all sides, it features Charles Vess’s iconic illustration of Peter riding a swan while accompanied by fairies under the moonlight. One of my favourite passages from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens accompanies the illustration.

Letterpress Peter Pan broadside with artwork by Charles Vess

The type is set in Mrs. Eaves and Gill Sans, with the decorative capital in Ivory, which is used on the spine of the Lettered state.

Plates mounted on Hahnemuhle Bugra Paper

Charles Vess Peter Pan artwork on Hahnemuhle Bugra paper

All Deluxe and Lettered copies of Peter Pan have been upgraded with the addition of beautifully textured Hahnemuhle Bugra mould-made paper. Just as Arthur Rackham’s colour plates were mounted on brown paper in the first, deluxe edition of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, our edition will similarly showcase Charles’s artwork.

I’m really looking forward to getting copies of Peter Pan out to collectors, and again, I do apologize that it’s taken this long.


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