Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes - Standard State

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This is a preorder with an expected ship date of June 2024.

Our signed, limited edition of Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes is published in three states: Standard, Deluxeand Lettered.

Every copy is signed by artist Jacob Dhein.

Daniel Keyes’s “Flowers for Algernon,” originally a Hugo Award-winning short story expanded into a Nebula Award-winning novel, tells the poignant tale of Charlie Gordon through his own journal entries. Charlie, a man with an intellectual disability, undergoes a groundbreaking procedure to enhance his intelligence, a treatment first trialed on Algernon, a laboratory mouse. As Charlies intellect grows exponentially, he grapples with complex emotions and the reevaluation of his identity.

Keyess narrative transcends a mere personal transformation story, offering a critical look at the ethics of scientific experimentation on both animals and humans, particularly the issues of consent and understanding from the subjects. The novel is lauded for its sensitive and humane portrayal of mental disability and remains a vital work for its exploration of themes that question the essence and ethical boundaries of human experimentation.


  • Limited to 250 unnumbered copies.
  • Quarter-bound in olive Fancy Linen cloth with letterpress-printed Rossi 1931 floral paper, whose faded petals are evocative of the transient nature of intelligence and beauty, central to the novel’s exploration of the human condition.
  • Printed letterpress on Swedish Munken Pure Rough 120gsm (80lb) paper.
  • GF Smith Colourplan endpapers.
  • Enclosed by a custom slipcase (picture coming soon) handmade by Ludlow Bookbinders, wrapped in Fancy Linen fabric and lined with suedel.
  • Trim size of 170mm by 240mm (6.7in by 9.5in).
  • 236 pages + front and back matter + 8 full colour pages of artwork.
  • 6 pen and ink drawings printed letterpress.


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