The House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson - Unbound Sheets

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These are unbound sheets of The House on the Borderland & Others by William Hope Hodgson. Five (5) unbound sheets form part of the limitation, with all three other states already sold out. Shipping expected in Q4 2024.

These book blocks are the GF Smith Max Absolute White 150gsm paper used for the Collector’s and Deluxe editions of the book, and are signed by S.T. Joshi and Dave McKean.

Ideal for bookbinders or collectors who would like to create their own custom binding, this is a folded and gathered, untrimmed and unsewn book block only. It is not a bound book.

The House on the Borderland & Others by William Hope Hodgson is the first volume of Weird., a series of fine press weird fiction volumes curated, edited and introduced by S.T. Joshi.

William Hope Hodgson (1877–1918), an eminent figure in early 20th-century weird fiction, is celebrated for his pioneering contributions to the subgenre of cosmic horror. A former sailor, Hodgson used his nautical experiences to craft stories imbued with a unique blend of maritime adventure and otherworldly terror. His best works, collected in this volume, are among the pinnacles of weird writing of his era.

Carefully curated by S.T. Joshi, this collection features Hodgson’s groundbreaking novel, The House on the Borderland. Set in a remote manor in Ireland beset by supernatural forces and inexplicable time shifts, it stands as a cornerstone of cosmic horror and showcases Hodgson’s mastery at blurring the lines between fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

Also included are The Voice in the Night, The Mystery of the Derelict, The Whistling Room, and The Thing in the Weeds. These stories, whether set on the high seas or in haunted rooms, showcase Hodgson’s skill at weaving the spectral into chilling, unforgettable narratives. Included as an Appendix is On the Bridge, a poignant prose-poem about the sinking of the Titanic.

This collection serves as a fitting tribute to Hodgson’s imaginative prowess and his lasting impact on speculative fiction, taking the reader on a journey through the spectral landscapes and eerie seascapes he crafted—an experience that transcends the ordinary confines of genre and reality.


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