August 16, 2023

August Gyaff - Updates from the Press

August Gyaff - Updates from the Press

 gyaff - the Guyanese English creole vernacular for chatting, storytelling, and sharing news in a group.

Peter Pan

Our letterpress-printed limited edition of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan has been on the press for a number of weeks and printing is expected to be completed by the end of the month. With around 2-3 months required for hand-binding, we’re now looking at a November ship date. Our sincere thanks to every collector for their support and patience.

Peter Pan limited edition being printed letterpress

Charles Vess completed his ninth, and final, watercolour plate for our book in early July, joining his 26 pen and ink pieces that will be printed letterpress. Here are all his watercolours:

Over the last few weeks Charles worked on drawing the remarques for the Lettered State, and they’re all now complete and safe at Ludlow Bookbinders along with all the signature pages.

The remarques were drawn on sheets of Strathmore heavyweight cream-coloured paper, one of the highest quality art papers in the world. These sheets will be bound into Lettered copies of Peter Pan. Here’s one of Charles’s whimsical pencils:

Charles Vess remarque for Peter Pan from Coversation Tree Press


Faun is deep into production and pre-orders will open on August 30th - read more about in our Faun pre-orders blog post.

The Marc Castelli book

While Faun has kept us busy, we have been continuing work on the Marc Castelli book. With all the artwork in the book being pen and ink and printed letterpress, we’ve run a number of proofs and worked closely with Pat Randle at Nomad Letterpress on this.

The prototypes have been complete for some time and final typesetting will begin soon. 

Flowers for Algernon

Artwork is well underway for Flowers for Algernon and will feature both pen and ink illustrations, printed letterpress, and oil paintings. The typeface has been selected, trim sizes set, and prototypes are being designed. 


There’s not much to update beyond what we talked about back in March.

Publication Schedule

After releasing Faun on August 30th, we plan to launch preorders for our next book in November, followed by another early next year.


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