• Typesetting Treasure Island

    I was introduced to Treasure Island as a child in the form of the Moby Books Illustrated Classic Edition. Small, abridged, and with illustrations on every other page, these books were a great way to not only begin reading more advanced books, they were a great introduction to a wide array of classic literature. 
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  • Our First Kickstarter Campaign

    Our First Kickstarter Campaign
    Our next edition will be revealed and open for pre-orders at the same time on Tuesday February 13th at 10am ET. It will be available from both our website (for rights-holders only) and through our first Kickstarter campaign, allowing our books to reach an even wider audience.
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  • End of Year Gyaff - 2023

    End of Year Gyaff - 2023

    This final production update for 2023 includes updates on all our books, a preview of the enclosure for February’s book, and artwork from Dave McKean and Vladimir Zimakov. 

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  • Peter Pan Update

    Peter Pan Update

    The folding, gathering and sewing of the book blocks for all three states of Peter Pan was completed last week and casing-in has started. Unfortunately, this means the books will not ship in time for Christmas, but in January instead. 

    I know many collectors were looking forward to receiving their copies in time for the holidays, as promised, and I sincerely apologize for the further delay.

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